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Ashley Holloway

Ashley Holloway
Artist Name
Ashley Holloway
Born Date
November 19, 1990
Birth Place
Marshalltown, Iowa
Year activate

Ashley Holloway  Biography

Biography: I was born in a small town located in central Iowa, and grew up with three older brothers. I had a few hobbies, but the ones I seemed to love the most always lead me back to music. I was a baton twirler, and twirled since I was 3 years-old, then later on became the first feature twirler at my local high school. I could twirl three fire batons on fire at the same time, I absolutely loved the thrill and adrenaline rush of performing! However, I had not yet experienced the thrill of performing as a singer/songwriter. I was always singing at home since I was very little, my dad was a state champion drummer and traveled with a local band. I remember going to one of his shows and singing along to Randy Travis’s “Forever and Ever Amen”. My mom and grandma LOVED Loretta Lynn, and whenever they would play her songs, I would sing along. I guess you could say I fell in love with country music at a very young age. As I got older, I became more comfortable singing in front of my friends and family. I actually received an award at the restaraunt I was waitressing in, “most likely to be humming or singing a song”. Singing is like second nature to me, I don’t think about when or where, it just happens and I’ve learned to craft my sound/voice over time. After high school, I had twin daughters and life became very busy for me. I was waitressing tables and trying to support my daughters as a single mother. I eventually met my husband, and we had a little boy together who is now my youngest baby! My husband, family, and friends continued to encourage me to pursue my passions, and so I went back to school to become a teacher. It was shortly before I was accepted to Iowa State University, that my brother had suddenly passed away. After he passed on, I was completely devastated… he was only 25 years-old and that was only one year older than I was at the time. We both shared a HUGE passion for music, and that is the reason why I started to pursue a music career. I picked up a guitar during the COVID pandemic, and eventually learned a few chords here and there. Surprisngly, I found that I could play quite a few country songs with just a few chords and I was so excited! From there on, I haven’t been able to put my guitar down, or stop writing songs. I’ve written SO many songs in my life, since I was a little girl (thanks to my brother Brandon, for lettting me read his poems and becoming inspired), but I’ve never actually wrote, produced, and published an entire song before. I hope to continue writing many songs that others can connect with and help them get through this crazy place called life. Music has always been my home, my therapy, and my escape.. I hope to give that back to the music world, and give others the chance to find healing through music!