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Haitian baby

Artist Name
Haitian baby
Born Date
August 7, 2000
Birth Place
Pasadena California
Year activate

Haitian baby  Biography

My real name is Tonay Malveaux but my stage name is Haitian baby. I was born in Pasadena California. My father passed away when I was 9 years old he loved music just like I do. My biggest supporter is my mother. I’m of Creole and Afro-Spanish decent and love everything about my heritage. I’m 5ft tall but when I step on stage I command the attention.

I always loved music I remember being 4 years old and looking at my mother telling her I’m going to be a star. I thought it was going to be me singing but when I saw a lil Kim video and I knew then I wanted rap. I started rapping in private and on games at 17 years old but I started rapping professionally later on in life.

I’m working on 3 songs I plan on uploading the first one next week.
What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry? My goal is to gain the exposure and I fans I want to change lives. I have something to say and if you I know I can help you. I want everyone everywhere no mater your race or what you identify as that you are not alone I see you. I want to plan to spread positive energy and the best way to do that to me is through music. Even at my lowest music got me though it. I plan and will blow up as an independent artist.

I would say market I’m getting better at it but that was one of the biggest challenges for me.

Most of times I listen to a beat to see what it’s saying to me. Once I get what it’d saying I write. I usually write the verse first then work on my hook the hook comes easy once I know what I want to say. Sometimes I could be watching TV and lyrics pop in my head that I have to write it down.

I feel the internet is a good tool for artist to get heard by so many people that we couldn’t reach before. There are groups that help you promote your music and talk to like minded people.

The only musician I listen to and enjoy listening to is Russ to me he is a inspiration. I love good music and he makes it rather it’s rap or a good song he’s got it.

I was C.N.A I actually still do it on the side. I enjoy helping people and building a connection with that person.

I would say don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. You have to know you are the ish don’t let negative thoughts control you. I’m a true believer in manifesting but if you don’t put in the work then it’s just a dream that you want to come true. You have to work at what you want.

I would change how much control the labels have over musicians we do all the work but they get paid. Sometimes we end up in debt and owe the label money.

I feel like it’s lost everyone sounds like one person is writing everything.

I will have fans from coast to coast my first album will go platinum even double. Labels will be begging to work with me.