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Artist Name
Born Date
September 30, 2015
Birth Place
Lafayette, Louisiana
Year activate

Pixelcreep  Biography

Pixelcreep started as a metal band in 2015 in Lafayette, Louisiana with guitarist James Simon and drummer Jimmy Boudreaux. Dave Pierce joined in on bass, along with front-man, Aaron Simon, shortly afterward. Writing and performing local shows, Pixelcreep was experimenting with underground nineties thrash.

Four years later, in 2019, James Simon II joined on rhythm guitar and changed the direction of the band. Pixelcreep began to gear toward a more technical and dynamic style of metal.

Shortly after this lineup change, Aaron decided to part ways from the band. Through a stroke of luck, assisting a secondary metal band, GRYWLF, James Simon found vocalist Brooke Olivier, which would turn out be a devastatingly perfect match.

Indulging in the vocal talents and lyrical genius of this new front-woman, Pixelcreep started forging a larger presence within the local metal scene, experimenting with tonal vocal patterns and musical depth.

Utilizing her Soul/R&B, Classic Metal, and Alternative influences, Brooke learned heavier vocal techniques from other local legends in Metal and began to pull all of them together to create multi-layer magic. She thrives to write a different track each time.

After headlining every show we have played except for three, with the new line-up, Pixelcreep has picked up momentum across our home-state in Louisiana and popularity has begun to spread into Texas, with growing attention from booking agencies, production companies, and fellow metal bands from across the Gulf Coast Region.