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Artist Name
Born Date
January 4, 1981
Birth Place
Columbus Ohio
Hip Hop-Urban
Year activate

xKitZo  Biography

What can I say lol ,
I’m more than what meets the eye , at first glance you might see a 41 year old good looking gentleman
with tattoos and hard exterior created from a life of pain . But what you won’t see is that I’m married to the love of my life with 5 kids( 4 girls 1 boy)and now 6 grand babies. my passion has always been music simply bc it’s a way to connect with people. I don’t only want to be heard , I want to inspire, to uplift, or sometime to unload , music to me is a way out, an escape , a chance to lay all my emotional problems down so I can continue the climb. I nvr thought I’d actually be taking the leap and pursue my passion. What can I say is a song I wrote in 2020 , really just to bump in my own car.
But after all the feedback I decided that this will no longer just be some side hobby I do to make myself feel better, in fact I came to the realization that this whole time the only person truly stoping me was me.
So since I’m the captain of this here ship I made an executive decision , I will not go gently into that good night, instead I will fight with every inch of breath it takes to see my vision come to pass. I’ve lived these last 40 years the way others( wife, kids , parents , teachers , coaches, etc.) wanted me to live, which led to countless hardships , but now that I’m on the back nine , I refuse to listen to the fear others try to speak in my life . YOLO right ? So to the ones who find my life interesting I say “ stay tuned “ bc it’s only just begun. Thx